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Great Nature Walk in Noboribetsu!

After taking Onsen, let’s go walking in National Park and breathe in fresh air!
The great nature in Noboribetsu will refresh yourself totally!
Here are some walking courses recommended. Magnificent views will entertain you!! Find your best spot!

Hell-Walk! 30 min. course

It’s a tour to see around Hell Valley and Tessen-Ike geyser. A new slope(8%) to Hell Valley Observatory was built for easier access, even for wheel chairs.

Hell Valley Observatory Tessen-Ike Yakushi Nyorai Temple Hell Valley Observatory

Hell Hike! 90min. course

It’s a tour from Hell Valley to Natural Footbath via Oyunuma, a hot spring lake, and Taisho Jigoku, a geyser. Refresh your feet in the footbath after a long walk.

Hell Valley Observatory Nata-Zukuri Kannon Bodhisattva Yakushi Nyorai Temple Tessen-ike
Oyunuma Brook Natural Footbath Taisho Jigoku Oyunuma &
Oku no Yu

Path of Literature-60min. course

It’s a 60 min. hiking course where you can learn how well-known poets felt in Noboribetsu. Enjoy the surrounding nature at Oyunuma and Natural Footbath.

Steps by Kiyomizuya Kazuko Kuribayashi Monument Kyoshi Takahama Monument Oyunuma
Oyunuma Brook Natural Footbath Taisho Jigoku Oku no Yu

Mystic Lake Kuttara 4hrs-course

Would you like to try a 4 hour-long course? Walk in the forests, see Mt.Hiyori and Oyunuma heading to Lake Kuttara called “mystic crystal lake.” It has one of top-rated quality waters in Japan. About 14km round trip .

Hell Valley Observatory Nanakamado Square Mt.Hiyori Observatory Ogi Observatory
Hell Valley Lake Kuttara


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