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Bring a Lovely Demon Home!

“Yukijin” T-shirts Wish-you-luck Rods Japanese Tapestries
T-shirts of Yukijin the hotspring guardian demons. Known as team T-shirts for event staff in Noboribetsu Onsen. Two designs. Colorful demon rods in two sizes. High school girls like them. Nice for your room decoration. In red, blue, yellow and purple. They may make your wish come true. Tapestries in Japanese taste. Looks like the red demon is beckoning luck in business.
“Demon in Bucket” “Happy Demon” Demon Ornaments
Adorable demons will make you feel happy. Cute demon in snow igloo. He looks freezing!
Demon Keychains Demon Wooden Tablets Plastic File Folders of Enma and Demons
Popular keychains. As a keepsake of Noboribetsu. Wooden tablets are long-time sellers. They will bring back your memories of visiting Noboribetsu. Fun stationaries with comical King Enma and demons.


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